Your Residents
Next Year

Will come armed with a dozen devices hungry for connection to the online world.

Resident Wi-Fi Needs

Netflix® on the couch next to the window in the corner of my bedroom” is the expectation of your new residents. Your new residents come armed with Wi-Fi enabled phones, tablets, computers, TVs, streaming devices and they expect all of these to work in their new home. That requires seamless Wi-Fi across your entire campus, including residents’ homes.

HealthSignals’ Medical Grade Wi-Fi is a  “Future Proof” solution with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over five years (something that will make your CFO smile). HealthSignals offers the only Technology and Performance Guarantee amongst Wi-Fi providers. Get a Free Assessment (below) to see how we can provide you with Campus Wide Wi-Fi with no Capital Cost.

Operations Wi-Fi Needs

Telemedicine in Independent Living ” will be a marketing header for all CCRC and LifePlan Communities in the very near future. How will you respond? A future-proof Medical Grade Wi-Fi that is reliable and secure will enable Telemedicine in IL, AL and SNF to allow physician coverage, 24/7 across your campus.

An Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi that works across your campus will significantly streamline operations workflow, increase operations efficiency and improve responsiveness to resident requests. The benefits of fast, reliable Wi-Fi extend beyond operations into improved staff morale and retention.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

We are partnered with industry leading, best of breed solutions providers for Telemedicine, PERS, Nurse Call, Wander Management, Environmental Monitoring, Access Control and Security.

Many of these solutions require our robust Wi-Fi with Campus Wide Coverage, Military Grade Security and Guaranteed Performance, built on a 10 GigaBit Future Proof Fiber Backbone.

Hosted VoIP Solutions

The 10 GigaBit Fiber Optic Backbone that HealthSignals covers the campus with not only delivers a superior carrier class Wi-Fi and internet capability but it also allows us to provide an extremely robust VoIP phone service.

Our advanced phone solution can meet your needs today for things like Active Shooter Alert and Mitigation and grow to accommodate your future needs.

This is a hosted VoIP solution option which eliminates the need for dedicated support staff onsite to maintain your phone service.

Wi-Fi Survey / Assessment

Want to know if the CCRC /LifePlan Community or a SNF has adequate coverage so that your Telemedicine or Remote Monitoring solution will have the necessary coverage and throughput? Our experts can provide you with a simple or a comprehensive survey with key concerns highlighted to ensure that poor Wi-Fi does not make your solution look bad. 

The fee for the survey is deducted from the final solution implementation cost if HealthSignals is contracted to implement the Wi-Fi solution for the campus.

Click the link below, fill out the Contact Form and we will reach out to you within two business days.


Garden Spot Village lays the foundation for the next decade with a “future-proof” Wi-Fi architecture. GSV administers Wi-Fi networks on multiple campuses from the same management console and uses application and location level traffic to do predictive analysis of the usage and future needs.

Click the link below to get a copy of the case study.

Senior Living Innovation Center

The SLIC (Senior Living Innovation Center Knowledgebase) is an open group for discussions about Technology and Process improvements that enhance the quality of Senior Living either at home or in a Senior Living Community.

Come discuss and participate with us and your peers in this community.

Innovation Center
Revenue Model

HealthSignals can finance the entire project, including:

  • Equipment Costs
  • Construction Costs
  • Maintenance Costs &
  • Technology Upgrade Costs

This enables us to provide you with a technology guarantee and provide a “zero cap cost” option with a 7 year contract. In most cases, the total all in monthly costs are less than the amount your residents pay for TV, Phone and Internet today. Our solution will give them a superior voice, TV and Internet PLUS a Medical Grade Wi-Fi for that amount. 

Performance and Technology Guarantee

HealthSignals is the only Wi-Fi provider to provide a written performance guarantee (that we know of). Our guarantee covers:

1. Coverage across all areas of the campus that the customer contract calls for; as long as there is no new construction (Temporary or Permanent).

2. Guaranteed signal strength of the Wi-Fi signal. 

3. Availability of the Wi-Fi network at 99% or above after the initial 120 day shakeout period.

Our Technology Guarantee: If the customer signs a 7 year contract, HealthSignals will keep the Wi-Fi technology upgraded for the duration, as part of the contract. 

Outstanding Customer Support

HealthSignals’ customer support team prides itself on going above and beyond any agreement or formal contract terms in delighting your residents and staff. The testimonials in this site are evidence of that commitment in action. 

Fiber360-WiFi – Medical Grade Campus Wide Wi-Fi

Campus Wide Wi-Fi is an expected amenity for new CCRC residents. HealthSignals can provide both the technology and financing to make Wi-Fi a reality for your CCRC without a large capital outlay.

Our solution offers CFOs a way pay for the entire implementation with savings from the project and create an ongoing revenue source for the organization. You can make Campus Wide Wi-Fi happen this year!

Emergency Communications – Rapid Deployment Kit

HealthSignals’ RDK for CCRCs is a solution to help keep critical services operational in a disaster where the Internet and Phone lines may not be available. Our RDK is designed to get the facility up and back online in under one hour.

The widely available Wi-Fi phone (SIP) programs from the major carriers will enable residents to use their smartphones and communicate with their families through the RDK.

Senior360 Connect – Hosted VoIP Solution

Senior360 Connect is our Voice solution, enabling your CCRC to provide feature rich telephone service to your residents and take over the cash flow that is disappearing to the local phone company. Features include:

  1. Unlimited local and long distance
  2. Voicemail and voicemail to email
  3. Call waiting, caller ID
  4. 4-digit dialing across your campus, and
  5. The ability to implement emergency preparedness solutions.

Andrew Dietzel, GSV

The exemplary performance of the team and the network in Phase I gave us the confidence to go ahead with the entire Campus Wi-FI project. We have received extremely positive comments from our residents and staff about the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi in the common areas, including the Healthcare areas. The HealthSignals solution is far superior to the personally paid services some residents have in their apartments.

Visiting Family Member, Beaumont

I really appreciated being able to work on the Beaumont Guest network, and the fact that you run that network at a bandwidth and speed where I can hook to all my servers no issues and get 25 mb down and 5 mb up. It really helped me do my work while I was visiting. So many guest networks I run on make me move to my Mifi because they just don’t have any strength to them. Thank you and Beaumont.

Inglis House Resident

I just thought I would drop you a note telling you about the new Wi-Fi.

With the old Wi-Fi, I was unable to watch movies on my Netflix. It would take forever to download…. Three nights ago I decided to try to watch a movie on Netflix, and to my much welcomed surprise, Netflix came right on, I chose my movie and it downloaded within seconds. I watched the movie straight to the end with no interruptions of any kind. It was like having my own private showing of the movie, no interruptions, no outside noise and the perfect volume. Since then, I have watched a new movie each night and I will continue to do so.

Thank you so much for all that Inglis House and its benefactors did to making this possible for all the residents who live here!

Gavin Kerr, President and CEO of Inglis Foundation

HealthSignals brings a comprehensive approach to the entire telecommunications platform. We always seek to have great working relationships with vendors but it is the rare chance when a vendor becomes a partner like HealthSignals.

The HealthSignals’ medical-grade Wi-Fi helps improve not only  the quality of life for our residents by providing internet access, but also allows greater  communication with the various  adapted technologies used in their rooms and throughout the facility.

Pamela Fox, President and CEO of Twin Lakes Community

We were looking for a partner who could provide a sound, reliable Wi-Fi and Internet platform for our entire campus for today and for tomorrow.  The HealthSignals solution comes with a written Performance Guarantee and excellent testimonials from all of their current customers.

The robust fiber optic network of the HealthSignals solution ensures that we have a solid foundation for a comprehensive telecommunications platform that will enable us to build future applications like access control, mobile health, security and energy management upon this infrastructure.  

Residents, Twin Lakes Community

HealthSignals has been wonderful in taking care of us and with great patience. 

You are tops in customer service! 

Test Form

General Overview of Facility

Please take a moment to give us information regarding your facility. This helps us ensure that we make the best use of our time together. All information here is considered confidential to you and HealthSignals, LLC.
Wi-Fi Professor
Wi-Fi Professor Movies

Wi-Fi Professor

tom_searching_for_service_800_clr_21012This webinar will help you create a checklist for your organization to select the right partner to improve cell phone coverage across your campus for all carriers.
Wi-Fi Professor

 This webinar will help you create a checklist for the successful implementation of Wi-Fi projects that will meet your needs Today and in the Future!
About Us
Our Goal – Making a difference in a Million Lives.

Our focus is to make a difference in a million lives through our technology based solutions for the Senior Living Industry; Seniors, Families, Friends and Senior Living CEOs, CFOs and CMOs!

Along the way we will provide LifePlan Communities, CCRCs, ALF and SNF managers with new revenue sources and better operations infrastructure.

About Us
HealthSignals focuses on technology solutions for the 360-degree needs of Senior Living:
Our Fiber360-WiFi platform uniquely integrates Fiber and Wi-Fi to create a Medical Grade Wi-Fi utility.
CareBlanket360 is our approach to remote monitoring and telehealth that integrates the best of breed solutions in the industry to meet your specific needs. These solutions are provided by partners subject to “extreme vetting” by our engineering team.
We provide a complete turnkey telecommunications solution including Design, Engineering, Implementation and Management of the technology solutions for our customers.
In addition to providing the capacity Senior Living Facilities will need for the future, our use of fiber optic network cabling minimizes the use of copper Ethernet wiring and is environment friendly.
About Us

Bruce Weintraub, Founder & CEO

From architecting FiOS’ Video Network Services backbone to Campus Wide Medical Grade Wi-Fi, Bruce has put the power of fiber optics and Next-Gen Wi-Fi to work for Senior Living Communities and LTPACs. As the Chief Architect of Verizon FiOS, Bruce has designed and developed the largest fiberoptic network in the US. 

Ravi Bala, Co-Founder & EVP

Ravi is responsible for the marketing, product development of the core Fiber360 Wi-Fi product and development of strategic partnerships for Remote Monitoring, Telehealth and Telemedicine that leverage the core campus wide Medical Grade Wi-Fi Network.

Sheriff Popoola, EVP, Technology

Sheriff focuses on the development of sound technology process and architecture to ensure that our solutions stay ahead of the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.

About Us

Chris Young, EVP, Ops / Finance

Chris devotes his time to finance and operations, with a focus on quality assurance to ensure that HealthSignals delivers on-time and within budget.

Dan Skilton, Chief Problem Solver

Dan Brings over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. His installation and troubleshooting skills are second only to his ability get CCRC residents to love talking to him.

About Us
HealthSignals Partners

We are working on agreements with many leading Industry partners in Telemedicine, Remote Monitoring and Voice Activated Senior Living. Please stay tuned for more information as we finalize these agreements in 2017!

Our partner strategy is driven by one single metric - Customer Need. Every partner we have associated with is an industry leader that our customers (current or future) have recommended.
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