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26 October 2015

hackfest_banner_254wWe’re extra excited about the upcoming Leading Age HackFest because this year our co-founder Ravi Bala will be coaching!  As you may know, HackFest is about small teams of innovators getting creative and making tools for the aging industry. These tools can be an app, a device, a website—just about anything designed to help deal with the problems associated with aging.

What we like best, though, is the diversity. It’s not just web and software developers who “hack” aging at this event—it’s clinicians, business leaders, gerontologists, marketers and designers. This approach recognizes that creative solutions and real innovation often comes from unexpected places and from people who aren’t familiar with the “rules” of someone else’s discipline.

We’re looking forward to being wowed by the radically inventive ideas that this year’s HackFest will surely produce. And we wish Ravi and his team success!

HackFest will be held at the University of Massachusetts Boston in Dorchester, October 30 to November 2.

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