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HealthSignals front and center at LeadingAge Boston

20 November 2015

What a great experience in BeanTown! Our education session “Wi-Fi for CCRCs and LTPACs – Mistakes to Avoid” was attended by over 125 people and the Q&A session was a vigorous discussion of practical tips and checklists for a strategic Medical Grade Wi-Fi deployment. We heard quotes like “This was one of the most productive sessions I attended..” “We enjoyed the open and honest discussions.”

Between our well trafficked booth near the Idea Sharks stage and our Coaching at the Hackfest, it was a very rewarding experience in Boston.

Finally, a special congratulations to Timothy Mock of Laurel View Village and Robert J. Benson of Rolling Green Village, each of whom won a (2.6 Gbps, 802.11ac capable) Xirrus Wi-Fi access. It is our pleasure to offer the gift of connectivity powered by HealthSignals.

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