Senior360 Connect – Hosted VoIP Solution

Senior360 Connect is our Voice solution, enabling your CCRC to provide feature rich telephone service to your residents and take over the cash flow that is disappearing to the local phone company. These voice services include at no extra cost:

  1. Unlimited local and long distance
  2. Voicemail and voicemail to email
  3. Call waiting, caller ID
  4. 4-digit dialing across your campus, and
  5. The ability to implement emergency preparedness solutions like an active shooter situation or impending disaster.

The hosted solution has several other advantages like:

  • No internal resources
  • No lost calls
  • Scalable easily
  • Online console controlled offsite
  • No upfront cost
  • Automatic SW Upgrades
  • Connects Multiple Sites

Contact us to discuss how Wi-Fi and VoIP can be implemented in a way that can provide you with a competitive advantage and prepare your organization for the sweeping business model changes that will be brought about by technology in the Senior Living and LTPAC industry.

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